XQ-TS002 Epoxy Grout Sealer


XQ-TS002 Epoxy Grout Sealer

2018 New high tech materials, adopted with many kinds of imported nano polymer and high quality pigments, cover the surface of the tile gaps,and make a protecting film like ceramics, to resolve problems of dirt and difficulties of cleaning.


  1. Eco friendly, non toxic;
  2. 1:1 intelligent mixing;
  3. Piston injection design;
  4. Harde as ceramic, long life lasting;
  5. High toughness;
  6. Yellowing resistance;
  7. No sagging, no flow;
  8. Water and mildew proof.




Range of Application

Good choice for home decoration, building industry, hotel, hospital, etc. Especially for the decoration and repairs of ceramics, tiles, mosaic, windows, top surface of sanitary and the edge lines of toilet.

application            beforeafter



Operation Method

  1. Preparation:Tile sealant, injection dispenser, texture paper, knife, gap cleaning awl, edge pressing ball, water scraper, materials scraper, etc.
  2. Processing:
  3. Cleaning the tile gap and grout the sealant directly
  4. Put the cartridge into the dispenser

Press the button to pull the rod out and open the cartridge to keep the opening upside, screw the mixer to the opening, then put the cartridge into the dispenser. The opening of the mixer can be adjusted by cutting to fit the gap sizes. (smaller than the gap.)

  1. Start to process

At the beginning, need to remove the first mixed sealant, about 40cm, for a new hand,suggest to inject 20-50cm for practice, then increase the length accordingly.

Smooth the sealant by using water scraper, edge pressing ball and even finger. If still any sealant remain inside the dispenser, lay it flatwise. Need a materials scraper to hold under the opening of the mixer. If find any uneven place, keep injection.

After all gaps of smoothened, leave and keep in stand for 8 hours ( 12 hours in winter ).

Remove the exceeded by scraper.





Double tube: 400ml       Shelf life: 12 months.          30pcs per carton

Accessories and tools:

Caulking gun        

Stainless steel edgeing ball        


  edgeball  scraper