XQ-FB Epoxy Edge Sealing Adhesive


XQ-FB Epoxy Edge Sealing Adhesive

Modified epoxy resin adhesive, two components, solvent free, can be used on moisture surface, especially for crack sealing.


Range of Application

Sealing the crack surface and grouting opening

Sealing the edges during bonding steel plate.

Filling and sealing the crack

Repairing and leveling the crack defects in concrete

Crack repairing for beams, poles and floors of new and old buildings. Assorted with  XQ-GF grouting adhesive

Stone dry hanging construction



Close to the concrete color

High self strength and bonding strength with concrete, good resistance to ageing and media

Solvent free, no shrink during hardening

Good thixotropic performace, no flowing for standing wall and roof

Can be used for both dry and moisture surface.


Product Performance

1  Main Performance

Testing project Condition Index
Gel Performance
Tensile Strength Under (23±2)℃、(50±5)%RH, tested by loading speed of 2mm/min ≥30MPa
Tensile modulus of elasticity ≥1.5×103MPa
Elongation ≥1.5%
Bending Strength ≥40MPa


Compressive Strength ≥70MPa
Bonding Capacity
Steel-Steel Tensile Shear Strength (23±2)℃、(50±5)%RH ≥10MPa
Steel-Steel bonding tensile strength (23±2)℃ (50±5)%RH C30,Ф25,L=150mm ≥32MPa
C60,Ф25,L=150mm ≤35MPa
Steel-Steel T-peeling strength (23±2)℃、(50±5)%RH ≥2.5mm         (Concrete cohesion damage)
Steel to C45 Concrete cohesive pulling strength   ≥14MPa


Processing Flow:

Crack surface treatment → Mixing the adhesive → Sealing the cracks → Leveling


Packaging and Logistics

  1.  Two components in separate package, Mix ratio (weight) A:B=3:1
  2. Shall be stored in cool (under 25℃), dry and ventilated place, not exceed 1 year.
  3.  Toxic free, non dangerous, can be shipped as normal chemical materials.



  1. Shall be stored in a dry, ventilated place and away from fire, Avoid upside down, sun exposure, rain and collide with sharp things.
  2. Must wear protective gloves and masks, if accidentally touched by skin, please clean with acetone or alcohol, and washed by water, if accidentally splashed into the eyes rinse with plenty of water and seek immediate medical attention.
  3. Do not mix the adhesive too much at each time.