XQ-DX High Strength Cone Anchor Bolt


XQ-DX High Strength Cone Anchor Bolt

Special screw design and certification, is a real spiral cone shaped screw that can be used to withstand very high loads on the crack of concrete, and can be used to impact and earthquake load

Range of Application

  1. Anchoring for safety related equipments and faclities of extremely high safety requirements such as nuclear power plants, industrial plants, conveyor systems, lift systems, also used for civil construction in the vital anchor installation.
  2. Cracked concrete and non-open cracks in concrete substrate.


Product Performance

Main Performance 

Screw type M10 M12 M16 M20 M24
Drilling dia. (mm) 12 14 18 24 28
Drilling depth (mm) 65 105 130 175 225
Effective depth (mm) 60 100 125 170 220
Anchoring part dia. (mm) 12 14 18 22 26
Mounting torque (mm) 20 40 60 100 120
Minimum concrete thickness (mm) 120 200 250 340 440

Remarks: all data are average values.