XQ-XB Epoxy Surface Repair Levelling Adheisve



XQ-XB Epoxy Surface Repair Levelling Adheisve

100% solids, two-component, cohesion response structural reinforcement materials.Useing copolymer as the basic raw material, this product is made of 100% solid modified epoxy resin and related curing agent. no pungent smell, Eco-friendly, pollution-free.

Range of Application

Sealing, repairing and leveling for the samll cracks on the surface of concrete
Sealing the crack surface and the opening of grouting
Sealing the cracks around during grouting and bonding the steel board.
Caulking and sealing of the cracks
Repairing the cracks on the beams, poles and floors of new and old buildings,together with crack adhesive.



  • Easy for handling and scraping
  • High adhesive strength, without flow;
  • High moist surface adhesion, dry loop;
  • High self strength and bonding strength with concrete
  • Good aging resistance and corrosion resistance to media.

Product performance

1. Basic parameters
1) Appearence
Part A (main): White cream
Part B (hardener): Grey cream
2) Mixed Viscosity: 10-12 Pa.s
3) Hardened density: 1.50±0.10g/cm3
4) Available handling time: (25℃): ≥30min
5) Shelf time: 18 months

Testing project Condition Index
Gel Performance
Tensile Strength (MPa) Under (23±2)℃、(50±5)%RH, tested by loading speed of 2mm/min ≥30
Tensile modulus of elasticity (MPa) ≥3.2×103
Elongation ≥1.2%
Bending Strength (MPa) ≥45 (no fragment damage)
Compressive Strength (MPa) ≥65
Bonding Capacity
Steel-Steel Tensile Shear Strength (MPa) (23±2)℃、(50±5)%RH ≥15
Steel-Steel bonding tensile strength (MPa) (23±2)℃ (50±5)%RH C30,Ф25,L=150mm ≥33
C60,Ф25,L=150mm ≤25
Steel-Steel T-peeling strength (MPa) (23±2)℃、(50±5)%RH ≥2.5

(Concrete cohesion damage)

Steel to C45 Concrete cohesive pulling strength (MPa)   ≥14
Heat transform temperature   ≥65℃
Non-volatile content (105±2)℃、(180±5)min ≥99%