XQ-CFP Carbon Fiber Plate


XQ-CFP Carbon Fiber Plate

Carbon fiber reinforced unidirectional sheet, formed as putting the carbon fiber impregnated with resin, then hardened in mould and pultrusion. Adopted with high quality carbon fiber material with good basic resins, carbon fiber sheets feature good performance as high tensile strength, corrosion resistance, shock resistance, impact resistance.

 Range of Application

Bending, and Shearing reinforcement for Concrete beams

Reinforcement for Concrete floors, bridge, concrete and brick walls.

Reinforcement for shear wall, bridge piers and piles

Reinforcement for chimneys, tunnels, pools and concrete pipe


1, high tensile strength, corrosion resistance, shock resistance, good impact resistance;

2, light weight, good flexibility;

3, easy for handling and good quality assurance

4, good durability and corrosion resistance.

Product performance

  1. Basic parameters

1) Specification:  1.2mm, 1.4mm thickness

2) Strength class: high strength grade I, high strength grade II;

3) Length: 100 m

4) Width: 50mm, 100mm, rolled as ring and binded by belt.

5) Specific gravity: 1.6

  1. Main Performance 
Testing project  Index
High Strength Grade I High Strength Grade II
Tensile strength ≥2400 MPa ≥2000 MPa
Tensile modulus of elasticity ≥1.6×105 MPa ≥1.4×105 MPa
Elongation ≥1.6 % ≥1.4 %
Layer cutting strength ≥50 MPa ≥40 MPa
Cohesive pulling strength with base materials


To concrete and brick materials, ≥2.5MPa based on cohesive damage

To Steel, ≥3.5 no bonding damage


Fabric content in volume ≥65 % ≥55 %

Remarks: all technical data are average values.


  1.2T 1.4T
Thickness (mm) 1.2 1.4
Length (m) 100 100
Width (mm) 50/100 50/100
Weight (g/m) 80 120
Density 1.6


Processing Flow

Preparation → Concrete surface treatment → Mix and paint the base resin material → Leveling → Mix and paint the impregnated resin → Pasting the carbon fiber sheet → Surface protection.


1, on-site workers should take appropriate protection measures and take care of fire and keep good ventilation.

2, When open the roll, the sheet may occur to bounce up, pay kind attention.

3, The sheet is conductive, take care of the electrical appliances nearby.