XQ-CFC Carbon Fiber Cloth


XQ-CFC Carbon Fiber Cloth

Applied for tension, shearing and seismic reinforcement of section units, this product can be used together with impregnated adhesive as carbon fiber composite materials to make an enhanced system of high performance carbon fiber cloth and sheet. Suitable for increasing the working load of building, changing the using function of project, materials ageing, concrete strength grade below design value, structure crack treatment, repairing of section unit under bad condition, reinforcement of protecting facility.

Range of Application

Reinforcement for unplanted steel bar

Anti-seismic reinforcement for additional layer

Maintenance and reinforcement for viaduct and bridge

New door reinforcement for shear wall

Reinforcement and repairing for all kinds of structure and section units.

Specially suitable for reinforcement of complicated structures as curved surface and joint.


1, high strength, low density and thickness, no increasing the weight and size of reinforced section unit

2, Widely used for repairing,seismic strengthening and reinforcement of building,bridges,tunnels and other structures,

3, Easy to handle, no need for large equipment, no wet, no fire, no fixed installations;

4, suitable for acids, alkalis, salts and atmospheric corrosion environments;

5, Suitable for reinforcement and seismic reinforcement of concrete, bricks,wooden structures in port, water conservancy and hydropower project, especially complicated structures as curved surface and joints. Base concrete materials strength must be above C15, temperature range 5-35℃, relative humidity no more than 70%.

Product performance

  1. Basic parameters

1) Specification: 200g/㎡, 300g/㎡

2) Appearance: black woven fabric

3) Weave: unidirectional;

4) Strength class: high strength grade I, high strength grade II;

5) Length: 50 m, 100 m

6) Width: 100mm, 200mm, 300mm, 500mm, other sizes can be customized

  1. Main Performance
Testing project Index
High Strength Grade I High Strength Grade II
Tensile strength ≥3400 MPa ≥3000 MPa
Tensile modulus of elasticity ≥2.3×105 MPa ≥2.0×105 MPa
Elongation ≥1.6 % ≥1.5 %
Bending Strength ≥700 MPa ≥600 MPa
Layer cutting strength ≥45 MPa ≥35 MPa
Cohesive pulling strength with base materials


To concrete and brick materials, ≥2.5 MPa

based on cohesive damage

To Steel, ≥3.5MPa no bonding damage