XQ-XW Epoxy Carbon Fiber Adhesive


XQ-XW Epoxy Carbon Fiber Adhesive

Specified adhesives for carbon fiber bonding reinforcement, has good wettability, is a two-component, no poison, no stimulating smell Eco-friendly products. widely used in structural reinforcement of beams, floor slabs, bridges, piers, the seismic reinforcement of the deck and all kinds of concrete structure reinforcement project.

Range of application

This product is high performance epoxy resin fiber bonding adhesive, an be used for effectual permeable bonding between concrete, steel, ceramic, stone, wood and other substrates with carbon fiber, glass fiber, basalt fibers, aramid fibers etc. Mainly used for building reinforcement.




1, has excellent physical properties, tensile strength of more than 10 times higher than that of ordinary steel, modulus of elasticity is close to steel. Suitable for reinforcement of Steel bar concrete structure;
2, widely used in bending, shear, compression reinforcement of section unit, seismic strengthening of structures and masonry reinforcement;
3, the weight proportion is only 1/4 to steel, thickness of each layer is less than 1mm, almost no increasing the weight and size of the original structure;
4, no need with large construction equipment, no other fixed facilities, short construction period;
5, good corrosion resistance and durability;
6, compared with steel-adhered reinforcement methods, lower cost, easier for construction quality assurance.

Proudct performance

1. Basic parameters
1) Appearence
Part A (main): transparent liquid
Part B (hardener): Brown transparent liquid
2) Mixed Viscosity: 4000-6000 Pa.s
3) Hardened density: 1.10±0.10g/cm3
4) Available handling time: (25℃): ≥30min
5) Shelf time: 18 months

2 Main Performance

 Testing project  Condition  Index
Tensile Strength Under (23±2)℃、(50±5)%RH, tested by loading speed of 2mm/min ≥38 Mpa
Tensile modulus of elasticity ≥2.4×103 MPa
Elongation ≥1.5%
Bending Strength ≥50Mpa

(no fragmental damage)

Compressive Strength ≥70 Mpa
Bonding Capacity
Steel-Steel Tensile Shear Strength (23±2)℃、(50±5)%RH ≥14 Mpa
Steel-Steel bonding tensile strength (23±2)℃ (50±5)%RH C30,Ф25,L=150mm ≥40 Mpa
C60,Ф25,L=150mm ≤20 Mpa
Steel-Steel T-peeling strength (23±2)℃、(50±5)%RH ≥2.5 mm (Concrete cohesion damage)
Steel to C45 Concrete cohesive haul strength ≥14 Mpa
Non-volatile content (105±2)℃、(180±5)min ≥99%


Packaging and Logistics

  1.  Two components in separate plastic barrel, 30kgs/set, Mix ratio (weight) A:B=2:1
  2. Shall be stored in cool (under 25℃), dry and ventilated place, not exceed 1 year.
  3.  Toxic free, non dangerous, can be shipped as normal chemical materials.