Vinylester Epoxy Acrylate Injection Mortar

Factory Direct Price High Strength Vinylester Epoxy Acrylate Injection Mortar for Light weight applications, stair assembling, solar pannel installation, highway sound barrier fixing.

Vinylester / Epoxy Acrylate Cartridge Type Injection Anchoring 300ml /410ml

Vinylester Cartridge Type Injection Anchoring 300ml /41[more]


Vinylester Cartridge Type Injection Anchoring 300ml /410ml

Epoxy Acrylate Cartridge Type Anchoring Mortar


Product Description

Epoxy acrylate based, two component, thixotropic, fast curing, anchor material

Areas of Usage

 Accessories and connecting rods; concrete, hollow or filled bricks, etc. in anchors and repairs.

 In the planting of metal sprouts,

 In prefabricated member anchors,

 Fixing of injection pakers and apparatus.

 In anchors of bolts and pins,

 Central heating and ventilation etc. installation of pipes and fittings

 It is used for bonding all types of building materials.


Features and Benefits

 It hardens very quickly and gains mechanical strength very quickly.

 The application is easy, saving time.

 It is pasty; sagging, overhead applications can be used easily.

 Protect equipment against corrosion.

 It has high resistance against chemical substances.


Application Instructions

Surface Quality: The surface of the application should be free from all kinds of dust, dirt, weak and volatile particles, cement grout residues, oil and dirt and be dry. The concrete lower surface must be clean, strong and have sufficient compressive strength.

Surface Preparation: The application surface should be cleaned using methods such as applying compressed air to maintain maximum adhesion strength.

Drill the hole in the required diameter and depth with hammer drill. The hole diameter and depth should be according to the size of the anchor element to be used. The opened hole should be cleaned starting from the bottom with a round wire brush and compressed air. No foreign matter such as dust, dirt, oil, etc. should remain. Press the trigger until the two separate components in the cartridge come out of the static mixer. Slowly pull out the cartridge while inserting the resin, beginning at the bottom of the hole. Make sure there are no air gaps inside. Extension tip can be used in deep holes. Insert the anchor element by rotating. Once some resin has come out, the anchor element should be placed in the hole in the resin gelling period. During hardening the anchorage element must never be moved or loaded. Work clothes and protective gloves, glasses and gloves suitable for work and worker health should be used during application. Due to the irritating effects of cured materials, the components should not come into contact with the skin and the eye, and should immediately be washed with plenty of water and soap in case of contact.


Application Notes / Restrictions

 Use anchoring anchors (bricks or blocks) to fix anchoring material to hollow material

 Do not use the first mixture out of the gun.

 Open the door by turning it and remove it, insert a static mixer tip. Place the cartridge in the gun and start applying. When the application is interrupted, the static mixer tip may be left on the cartridge after the pressure in the gun has been drained.

 If the resin has hardened in the static mixer, a new tip must be fitted before starting work. When storing an opened cartridge, remove the static mixer by rotating it, clean the cartridge mouth with a clean, dry cloth, and close the lid.

 It contains styrene and is flammable.

 Harmful by inhalation. Skin and eyes may be irritated.

 Keep away from children’s reach.

 Do not breathe. Use only in well-ventilated area.

 The product may irritate skin. Work clothes, protective gloves, masks and glasses must be used. Protective cream can be applied to hands before starting work. In case of grout contact with eyes, eyes should be washed immediately with warm water and consult a doctor.

 Parts contacted with skin and hand must be washed with water and soap. In case of contact with eyes, consult a doctor.

 Immediately after application, before hardened, the equipment should be cleaned with lekno Thinner. The hardened epoxy mortar can only be mechanically cleaned.


Technical Data

General Information


345 ml cartridges

Shelf Life

12 months in unopened original packaging

Application Information

Pot Life

7-10 minutes (20°C)

Full Curing

7 days


20°C 1 hour

Cleaning Time

~ 45 minutes (20°C)

Service Temperature

0°C to +80°C

Performance Information

Pressure Resistance (7 days)

60-70 N/mm2 fTS EN 196-1)

Adherence (Concrete Surface, 7 days)

> 4 N/mm2 (Rupture from Concrete) (TS EN 4624)

Bending Strength (7 days)

18-20 N/mm2 fTS EN 196-1)

Extraction Strength

0.6 mm (under 75 kN load) (TS EN 1181)

Tensile Load Impact Creep

 0.6 mm (after 3 months under 50 kN load (TS EN 1544)


According to TS EN 1504-6


Technical data are approximate values obtained from the laboratory study of lekno Construction Chemicals for finished products obtained at +20°C air temperature and 50% relative air humidity.





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