Steel Jacketing System

Steel bonding epoxy adhesisve, grouting epoxy adhesive, edge seal epoxy adhesive

Steel Jacket Grouting Epoxy Adhesive SteelChor 502

Steel Jacket Grouting Epoxy Adhesive Item# SteelCh[more]


Steel Jacket Grouting Epoxy Adhesive

Item# SteelChor 502

Mixing Ratio: 2:1



New two components structure grouting adhesive, which can bonded with many kinds of base materials (cements, stone, and bricks, etc.) , metal and steel plate, has features of fast curing, high strength, strong anchoring, acid and alkaline resistance, ageing resistance.  


Range of Application

Reinforcement for structural heavy steel plate, wet wrapping steel, bonding steel by grouting after welded

Grouting and repairing for concrete interior defects (crack, honeycomb, holes),and other section units.

Steel bonding reinforcement for flexual section units of concrete, new and old buildings

Grouting and reparing for Assembling gap of Prefabricated unit and empty drum in the cover of all kinds of base materials (concrete, stone, brick, rock)

Grouting and fixing for machinery and equipment, hanging objects, prestressing tendons and bonding of metal bar, Bonding of other section units.



1. Liquid easy to repair the small cracks on concrete

2. Two components, fast curing under room temperature

3. Quick to load with building structure, high boning strength, good pressure and pulling resistance, no shrink after curing.

4. Can be proceeded under wide temperature range, easy and good performance

5. Good resistance with Acid and alkaline, ageing,oil and water. Etc.

6. Low viscosity, good fluidity and high penetrability

7. Mostly suitable for all building base materials.


Product Performance

1 Main Performance


Testing project



Gel Performance  according to GB50728-2011 standard


Tensile Strength (MPa)

≥30 Mpa

39.2 Mpa

Tensile modulus of elasticity MPa

2500 Mpa

2609 Mpa


1.2 %

1.86 %

Bending Strength (MPa)

≥45 Mpa

(no fragment damage)

55.2 Mpa

Compressive Strength (MPa)


75.2 Mpa

Bonding Capacity  according to GB50728-2011 standard

Steel-Steel Tensile Shear Strength (MPa)

≥15 Mpa

17.1 Mpa

Steel-Steel bonding tensile strength (MPa)

≥33 Mpa

33.5 Mpa

Steel-Steel T-peeling strength (MPa)


0 mm

Steel to C45 Concrete cohesive pulling strength (MPa)

≥2.5 Mpa

(Concrete cohesion damage)

3.3 Mpa

Heat transform temperature



Non-volatile content

≥99 %

99.2 %


Processing Flow

Unloading → Base layer treatment → Pre-bonding → Mixing adhesive → Glue → bonding → fixedly adding pressure → Hardening and maintenance → Unfix the support and inspection→ anti-corrosion treatment → Panting


Packaging and Logistics

1. Two components packed separately, the mixing ratio is 2:1

2. Shall be stored in cool (under 25℃), dry and ventilated place, no exceed 1 year.

3. This product is non dangerous goods, can be shipped as normal chemical materials.



Mixed as per stipulated ratio, do not use too much each time,

Nontoxic, If accidentally touched by skin, clean with acetone and wash by water.

Must wear gloves, masks and other safety products. 

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