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Steel Bonding Structural Adhesive SteelChor 501

Steel Bonding Structural Adhesive Item # SteelChor 501 [more]


Steel Bonding Structural Adhesive

Item # SteelChor 501

Mixing Ratio: 3:1


Adopted with nano materials and modified epoxy resin, JGN structure adhesive is a new two component adhesive which has features as bonding with all kinds of base materials (cements, stones, bricks etc.), metal and steel plates, fast curing, high strength, strong anchoring, good acid and alkaline resistance, aging resistance, etc. Widely used for bonding and reinforcement for concrete with stone and steel plates, as well as all kinds of section units. Good stability within expected period, suitable for heavy section units.


Range of Application

Reinforcement for all kinds building structures, and steel bonding reinforcement of walls, floors, beams and poles etc.

Anchoring reinforcement for water conservancy facilities, docks, roads, bridges and other projects

Repairing and reinforcement for all building of industry and residence, bridge, tunnel, etc.



1. Two component, modified epoxy rein, fast curing at room temperature, good bonding strength, stable mechanical properties

2. Free base layer adhesive, easy to handle and reduces the effect of construction technology on mechanical properties;

3. Can be used in wide temperature range, no precipitation;

4. For bonding between same or different materials of metal, ceramics, plastic, rubber, wood etc.

5. Excellent thixotropic performance, easy to paint and avoid hollowing and waste;

6. Good acid and alkali resistance, aging resistance, low moisture sensitivity;


Product performance

1. Basic parameters

   1) Appearance

     Part A (main): White cream

     Part B (hardener): Black cream

   2) Mixed Viscosity: 10-12 Pa.s

   3) Hardened density: 1.50±0.10g/cm3

   4) Mixing ratio: 3:1

   5) Available handling time: (25℃): ≥30min

   6) Shelf time: 24 months


Main Performance


Testing project



Gel performance

Tensile Strength

Under (23±2)℃(50±5)%RH, tested by loading speed of 2mm/min

≥30 Mpa

Tensile modulus of elasticity

3.2×103 MPa



Bending Strength


 (no fragmental damage)

Compressive Strength

≥65 Mpa

Bonding Capacity

Steel-Steel Tensile Shear Strength


≥15 Mpa

Steel-Steel bonding tensile strength


≥33 Mpa

Steel-Steel T-peeling strength


≤25 mm (Concrete cohesion damage)

Steel to C45 Concrete cohesive haul strength


≥2.5 Mpa

Transformation under heating



Non-volatile content




Remarks: all the values in the sheet is average.


Processing Flow

Positioning → Base materials treatment → Cleaning → Mixing the adhesive → Painting → Anchoring → Maintenance  

1, positioning: mark the steel bonding position;

2, Base material treatment: Remove the painting layer on concrete surface and to drill derust and  polish the steel;

3, Cleaning: using compressed air to blow the surface from dust, clean with acetone;

4, Mixing the adhesive: according to the weight ratio of A:B=3:1, weigh and mix in the barrel;

5, Painting: paint the above mixed adhesive onto the surface of concrete and steel plate, do not have bubbles inside;

6, Anchoring: attach the steel plate directly on the surface of coated concrete, remove the surrounding excess adhesive,then fix with steel frame;

7, Maintenance: fix for conservation at room temperature no less than 24 hours.


Packaging and Logistics

1.  Two components in separate package, A:B=3:1  20kgs/steel bucket, 60kgs/set

2.  Shall be stored in cool (under 25℃), dry and ventilated place, not exceed 1 year.

3.  This product is not dangerous goods, can be shipped as normal chemical materials.



Must wear glove, mask and other safety products during processing.

If touched by skin, please treated by using acetone in first and then washed by water.

Do not use too much each time.


Other sizes:

Steel: 3.7L/5.0L/10L/18L/20L    Plastic: 4L/5L/10L/15L/20L



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