Carbon fiber laminates

Carbon fiber laminates manufacturers in China. pre-pressed cfrp laminates very ideal for bridge strengthening.

1.4mm Prepressed Carbon Fiber Laminates CarbonLami 314

1.4mm Prepressed Carbon Fiber laminate with h[more]


1.4mm Prepressed Carbon Fiber laminate with high modulus


Tech data for Carbon fiber CFRP sheet/plate/Laminates

Fiber type: Carbon

Mixing type: Epoxy resin

Color: Black

Primary Fiber Direction: unidirectional

Fiber Volume Fraction: 75%

Tensile Strength: 2400Mpa(350000psi)

Modulus of Elasticity: 1.7Gpa

Elongation at break: above 1.6%

Thickness: 1.2mm, 1.4mm, 2.0mm

Width: 10mm, 30mm, 50mm, 100mm


1.4mm Prepressed Carbon Fiber laminate with high modulus


Prepressed Carbon fiber laminate / Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) Plates

For strengthening of concrete substrates, prefabricated CFRP plates can be externally bonded or near surface-mounted. we can offers a wide range of Carbon fiber strip FRP plates in different dimensions and varying E-modulus.


Where to Use

Load Increase

Increased live loads in warehouses

Increased traffic volumes on bridges

Installation of heavy machinery in industrial building

Vibrating structures

Changes of building utilization

Seismic Strengthening

Column wrapping

Masonry walls

Damage to Structural Parts

Aging of construction materials

Fire resistant

Blast impact

Change in Structural Parts

Removing of wall or columns

Removal of slab section for openings

Design or Construction Defects

Insufficient reinforcements

Insufficient structural depth



Main Performance

Testing project


High Strength Grade I

Tensile strength

≥2400 MPa

Tensile modulus of elasticity

≥1.7×105 MPa


≥1.6 %

Layer cutting strength

≥50 MPa

Cohesive pulling strength with base materials


To concrete and brick materials, ≥2.5MPa

based on cohesive damage

To Steel, ≥3.5 no bonding damage


Fabric content in volume

≥65 %

Remarks: all technical data are average values.




Before applying the structural adhesive to the laminate, the sanded side of the laminate is wiped with acetone or other solvent until any excess residue (e.g., carbon dust) is removed. Observe proper fire and health precautions when using solvents.


Apply thin prime coat of CFRP sheet to the substrate surface using a ¼” nap roller or brush. Application should be 1/2wider than the plate to be used.


Apply 1/16(1.5 mm) thick coat of the thickened CFRP sheet to the cleaned, sanded side of the laminate surface. Plate laminates should be applied with approved epoxy adhesive.


Press the laminates against the working surface using a hard rubber roller to achieve a void free bond line with thickness between 1/16to 3/32(1.5 to 2.5 mm). Excess adhesive is then removed from the sides of the laminate before it cures.

The laminate may be coated with a protective or decorative coating.


Test plates may be simultaneously installed adjacent to the area being strengthened and should be prepared using the same method described above. Bond pull-off tests are performed to validate proper installation. The bond strength of the plate to concrete may be verified by random pull-off testing at the discretion of the engineer. Minimum tensile strength of 200 psi must be achieved.


Leveling Mortars, Epoxy Adhesives, And Coatings:


Construction materials will vary based on project requirements and applicable environmental and surface condition. Contact your supplier to determine applicable leveling mortars, epoxy adhesives, and coatings for a specific use.


Application Range

Load increases

Seismic reinforcement

Improve structural state

Damage of structural parts

Change the structural function

Remit mistakes in design and construction


Structural Elements

Beams strengthening

Slabs strengthening

Walls strengthening

Pipes strengthening

Pier caps strengthening



Available carton package, 100m per roll.


Transportation and storage

This product should be stored in dry, cool and well-ventilated environment without rain, exposure or impact with sharp objects;


Carbon fiber materials transport and storage shall not be squeezed to avoid carbon fiber damage, or direct sunlight and rain

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