Tile Grout Epoxy Sealer

Matt and glossy surface, epoxy and polyaspartic resin materials.

Weather Proof Polyaspartic Tile Grout Sealer ColorSeal 702

Weather Proof Polyaspartic Tile Grout Sealer ColorSeal [more]


Weather Proof Polyaspartic Tile Grout Sealer ColorSeal 702

Materials: Polyasartic resin + Isocyanate hardener


A two-component packed into dual cylinder tube, made of polyaspartic resin, isocyanate hardener and high-quality pigment. Used for filling and beautifying the joints of ceramic tiles, mosaics, stone, glass and other materials to form a smooth surface, because of super weather resistance, it is the best choice for indoor and outdoor tile grouting in home decoration, especially outdoor application. This product has a variety of colors, including bright, matte and matte with sand series, which can meet all decorative needs.

Viscosity (CPS)(25°)
Operation Time(100g)
Curing Time(25℃/100g)
Tensile Shear Strength
Part A Polyasaprtic resin
A:Semi-fluid Liquid
30 minutes

Original Dry: 2h*25℃
≥12 MPa

≥75 (Shore D)

1 (168h)

Part B Isocyanate Hardener
B:Thixotropic Paste
Real Dry:



1. Easily to handle, 1:1 injection, intelligence mixing, piston design for output;

2. Abrasion proof, high strength, waterproof, oil proof, dirty resistance, with good performance of self-cleaning,

3. Suitable for both wall and ground surface without any leak under any circumstance.

4. Earth-friendly, does not include any toxic, smell, formaldehyde and xylene etc.

5. Convenient and easy to handle, inject into the tile gap and clean with scraper or finger.

6. High decoration quality with rich and nature colors, glossy without fade.


Range of Application

Good choice for home decoration, building industry, hotel, hospital, etc. Especially for the decoration and repairs of ceramics, tiles, mosaic, windows, top surface of sanitary and the edge lines of toilet.

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