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Concrete Hook End Steel Fiber XQ-HSF600

Concrete Hook End Steel Fiber  XQ-HSF600 &nbs[more]


Concrete Hook End Steel Fiber  XQ-HSF600


Product Description

Ends hooked steel fiber

1. Materials: Low carbon steel wire.

2. Characteristic: High tensile strength, good toughness.

3. Used: In construction fields for concrete reinforcement.



(1) greatly improve concrete bonding and tensile strength

(2) improve mechanical performance concrete

(3) prevent the damage to the concrete

(4) decrease the danger from crack of the concrete

(5) provide exceptional load stability and durability



Steel fiber concrete has already been used for and wide on to many fields, such as road, bridge, airport runway, tunnel, hydro-power project, 

inner lining of underground construction.Port and pier, ocean project, nuclear test base rocket launch site, anti-earthquake building, etc.



The projects blending the ripple steel fiber with concrete in a certain ratio will evidently strengthen bending resistance, stretching resistance, 

abrasion resistance and pressure resistance. It is widely used in highway, bridge, tunnel, airport runway, industrial floor, hydraulic project 

and basic structure construction of tall building, as well as shock resistance structure and high temperature kiln stove construction.


Product performance

   1) Dia 0.75mm 

   2) Length: 60mm

   3) Tensile Strength: 1100-1205Mpa

   4) Packed in Bag, 20kgs/bag

   5) 50bags or 60bags per pallet( 1ton or 1.2ton)

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