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Carbon fiber laminates manufacturers in China. pre-pressed cfrp laminates very ideal for bridge strengthening.

Carbon Fiber Prepressed Plate System CarbonPrep 320

Pre–stressed CFRP plate system (Post-tension[more]


Prestressed CFRP plate system (Post-tension CFRP system)

Item #: CarbonPrep 320




Xinchor prestressed CFRP plate system(Post-tension CFRP system) includes anchoring devices and CFRP strip specially designed for bridge or long span beam reinforcement.



Through the clips make the stress to carbon fiber laminates, make the laminates anchoring to concrete permanently, and that will add the stress to the concrete in bending direction.


The increasing stress can remove or retard the stress hysteresis of the added structures, make the existing crack reducing or even closed completely, so that to achieve real reinforcing.


Improve the bearing capacity of bridge structure,has incomparable advantages in large-span beam slab of flexural reinforcement.


Significantly reduce deformation of the structure and improve the bearing capacity of structure,decrease the crack width and

deflection deformation,and is suitable for large span beam slab of flexural reinforcement.


Improve the stiffness of structure ,and make full use of the material performance ,save a lot of materials and engineering cost.


High Strain, no peeling damage, achieve high performance of CFRP

enable CFRP be in strain status when adhere CFRP with substrates. no bending or curve between bonding member and pulling direction, hence no peeling strain caused. high strength bolt ensure the fast fixing, which could be double secure to avoid damages caused by peeling and bonding.


Characteristic of CFRP pre-stressed plate

safe and reliable

easy to install

good economical

reliable patent anchorage system

suitable for large span beam slab of flexural reinforcement

matching carbon fiber plate,adhesive,anchoring devices ensures the system matching


Advantage of Pre-stress CFRP Plate

Active strengthening, no stain lagging

Reduce the cracks of the component effectively and slow the development of cracks

Increase the crack resistance and rigidity of the component, increase the loading capacity of component

Fully achieve the high strength property of carbon fiber, both new and original component be under loading.


 Testing performance

Testing project


High Strength Grade I

Tensile strength

≥2400 MPa

Tensile modulus of elasticity



≥1.6 %

Layer cutting strength

≥50 MPa

Cohesive pulling strength with base materials


To concrete and brick materials, ≥2.5MPa based on cohesive damage

To Steel, ≥3.5 no bonding damage


Fabric content in volume

≥65 %


Operation process

1. Location and make lines

2. Concrete surface polish

3. Drilling hole and anchoring

4. Installing anchor block

5. Paste the laminate by adhesive

6. Fixing carbon fiber laminate and anchor bolt

7. Prestretching

8. Spray the protection paint






Laminate thickness: 1.2mm / 1.4mm / 2.0mm

Width: 50mm / 100mm


Package and Delivery

Steel bucket or Plastic Bucket


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