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450gsm Unidirectional Reinforcement Carbon Fibre Fabric CarbonWrap 307

450gsm Unidirectional Reinforcement Carbon Fibre Fabric[more]


450gsm Unidirectional Reinforcement Carbon Fibre Fabric

Item# CarbonWrap 307

Product Description:

this product can be used together with epoxy resin adhesive as carbon fiber composite materials to make an enhanced system of high performance carbon fiber fabric and sheet. Carbon Fibre Unidirectional fabrics and tapes are used to improve tensile, compressive strength, and directional stability to structures in one specific direction


·  Easy installation

·  Corrosion resistance

·  Short construction period

·  No maintenance required

·  Light weight, no influence to original structure

·  Low cost, cost effective compared with other methods



·  Flexible

·  High strength

·  High modulus

·  Easy to install

·  Long shelf life

·  Light self weight

·  High toughness

·  Anti high temperature

·  Environmental-friendly

·  Unidirectional carbon fiber sheet sed for shear strengthening, confinement strengthening, flexural strengthening



·  Load increases

·  Seismic reinforcement

·  Improve structural state

·  Damage of structural parts

·  Change the structural function

·  Remit mistakes in design and construction

Technical Parameter: 

1. Basic parameters

   1) Specification: 450gsm

   2) Appearance: black woven fabric

   3) Weave: unidirectional;

   4) Strength class: high strength grade I, high strength grade II;

   5) Length: 50 m,

   6) Width: 500mm, 1000mm other sizes can be customized


2. Main Performance

Testing project


High Strength Grade I

High Strength Grade II

Tensile strength

≥3400 MPa

≥3000 MPa

Tensile modulus of elasticity

≥2.3×105 MPa

≥2.0×105 MPa


≥1.6 %

≥1.5 %

Bending Strength

≥700 MPa

≥600 MPa

Layer cutting strength

≥45 MPa

≥35 MPa

Cohesive pulling strength with base materials


To concrete and brick materials, ≥2.5 MPa

based on cohesive damage

To Steel, ≥3.5MPa no bonding damage


Remarks: all data are average values.


Processing Flow:

unloading→ Base layer treatment → glue resin on base layer → leveling → paste Carbon fiber sheet ( please pay attention for safety as the carbon fabric is conductive → Inspection → Surface protecting and decoration.



1, carbon fabric cloth is conductive, please leave far away from electrical equipment and power supply, or take reliable protection

2, carbon cloth bent should be avoided in the process

3, the surface should be clean and dry;

4, temperature theoretically should be 5-40 ℃

5, Processing in rain and outdoor is prohibited

6, If relative humidity is greater than 85% or condensation on the concrete surface, Processing is not allowed;

7, Matched resin shall be stored sealed and away from fire and direct sunlight.

8, The place of the formulation and use of resins should maintain good ventilation;

9, on-site workers should take appropriate protection measures.




1. Material quality

many suppliers use basalt fiber, aramid fiber contracted black to posing as carbon fiber cloth, this will caused project quality unqualified, so firstly need to know that the carbon fiber has black and bright tows, it will not curl but red as steel wire after burning, smooth, glossy, well-distributed,and with good conductive performance

2, Bonding quality

strictly abide with <<processing and inspection standard for carbon fiber>> Ensuring the quality of bonding quality;

3, carbon fiber has good tensile strength, but is poor for fold and bending

4, carbon fiber cloth shall be covered with anti-corrosion mortars after processing, long time exposure will reduce its service life.




roll in carton, width 10cm, 30cm, 50cm, 100cm, total length 100m.


Item No.



CarbonWrap 301

12K 300gsm grade 1


CarbonWrap 302

12K 300gsm grade 2


CarbonWrap 303

12K 200gsm grade 1


CarbonWrap 304

12K 200gsm grade 2


CarbonWrap 305

24K 600gsm grade 1


CarbonWrap 306

24K 600gsm grade 2




1. Shipments can be arranged by sea, air, courier express.

2. Courier express includes DHL, FedEx, TNT, UPS, EMS, SF, etc.



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