3 advantages for pre-pressed carbon fiber laminate compares to steel bar

Carbon fiber laminate is made of carbon fiber mono[more]

3 advantages for pre-pressed carbon fiber laminate compares to steel bar

Carbon fiber laminate is made of carbon fiber monofilament after being infiltrated by epoxy resin in the mold and continuously pultruded to form, due to the special process, its overall performance is better than carbon fiber reinforced plate made of carbon fiber fabric and resin. The thickness of carbon fiber laminate is generally 1.2~3mm, the tensile strength can reach 2800~3000MPa, and the tensile modulus can reach 165GPa.


This technology combines the advantages of carbon fiber fabric reinforcement and in vitro prestress reinforcement, which can improve the bearing capacity of the bridge structure, and can significantly reduce the structural deformation, improve the structural stiffness, save a lot of materials and engineering costs, and the advantages of long-term performance are also very prominent, which can reduce the maintenance cost of the reinforcement system. The prestressed carbon fiber sheet reinforcement technology can effectively strengthen the main bearing structure of reinforced concrete linear girder (slab) bridge, the superstructure of cable-stayed bridge, the cover girder, the partition beam and the bridge pier, and the steel structure bridge.


Carbon fiber laminate has a lower modulus of elasticity and a higher tensile strength. Compared with steel bar, the elastic modulus of general steel bar is 200GPa, the yield strength is only about 300MPa, the reinforcement needs 0.15% tensile deformation to achieve yield strength, and the carbon fiber board needs 1.7% tensile deformation to exert tensile strength, which is more than 11 times higher than the yield deformation of the rebar. That is, when the carbon fiber laminate and the internal reinforcement of the component work together, if the original initial strain of the steel bar is not considered, the strength of the carbon fiber plate can exert when the steel bar is yielded is only 8.8% of the tensile strength. Therefore, the carbon fiber laminate is prestressed so that it can exert considerable strength in advance to effectively utilize its high strength performance.


1. Lower modulus of elasticity

The elastic modulus of carbon fiber sheet is lower than that of building steel, the prestress loss caused by the elastic deformation of prestressed concrete is also smaller than that of steel, the reinforcement is more obvious stress relaxation, and the fatigue strength is only about 160MPa, according to foreign research results, carbon fiber plate under the maximum stress of 2000MPa, after 10 million stress cycles, still retain 80% of the strength; At the same time, under the initial stress action of 50% tensile strength, the relaxation of carbon fiber sheet is negligible.


2. Resistant to media and aging

Traditional in vitro prestressed reinforcement technology requires thorough corrosion protection of steel bars and requires regular maintenance and replacement. Compared with steel, carbon fiber laminate is currently one of the best corrosion resistance materials in building materials, and the research results show that in a weak acid environment, after 10,000 freeze-thaw cycles, dry and wet alternation, a certain light time, 70°C hot water immersion for 30 days, etc., the durability, corrosion resistance and aging resistance of carbon fiber have not been reduced. Therefore, in the field exposure environment, the prestressed carbon fiber sheet reinforced bridge structure has more advantages than the external prestressed rebar.


3. High Strength

The reinforcement of prestressed carbon fiber laminate is a bonded prestressed steel strand with bonded prestress, which has more outstanding performance in inhibiting cracks and improving the bending bearing capacity of components.


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