40 Columns sheared to damage, you must know the floating design.

Owing to the floating in the basemnet, Recently one developing residential project has 40 loading columns were sheared, the wall and roofs cracked, it caused many owners complained.

The most serious damages were at the connecting nodes between beam and columns, it appears as concrete cracking and steel bar bending.

Strengthening method suggestion:

  1. using CFRP strengthening for the less destructive part;
  2. using steel jacketing for the serious parts;
  3. using motar injection for the roof floor beams.

Suggestions to processing team:
1.Take attention to the damange of floating, to acknowledge full informations for designs,

  1. Not only considering the soil cover weighing, take more attention to the back strip, don’t seal too early to avoid the basin effect during rainy season,
  2. Ensure the density quality of the backfill soil to avoid rain water leakage.
  3. Soil cover to be finished before rainy season,
  4. To enhance inspection for foundation trench and basement, if any initial floating charicteristics appears, must take action in time.
  5. To enhance monitoring the anti-floating thread rod and piles.