7 notes for rebar planting

  • When rebar is implanted, it is necessary to pay attention to whether or not the inspection has been made as follows:
  • 1. The surface of steel bar should be pretreated with electric steel brush to remove the corrosion layer of the embedded part of the steel bar, and industrial acetone or ethanol should be used to wipe away oil stains and dirt.
  • 2. The time of rebar placement is controlled within the operating time of the adhesive (determined by the product specification, ambient temperature and the degree of adhesion of the adhesive to the steel bar),The adhesive will easily adhere to the surface of the implanted steel bar under suitable operating conditions.
  • 3. Implantation process should be in accordance with the requirements of the method, rotation to the specified depth, eliminate bubbles.
  • 4.After planting steel bars, the colloid must be filled with holes,and a small amount of colloid was squeezed out.
  • 5. Postioning adjustment shall be taken right after implanting, and no more moving after postioning.
  • 6. When placing steel bars horizontally, appropriate materials should be used to seal the holes after the reinforcement positioning to prevent the adhesive from flowing out to reduce the plumpness. Especially the modified epoxy adhesive is sensitive to temperature and may flow when the environment temperature is high.
  • 7. After planting steel bar, according to the requirements of adhesive product specification, the steel bar can bear the load until it reaches the specified curing time.