8 Advantages of carbon fiber fabric reinforcement

With the continuous popularization of structural reinforcement, the reinforcement methods have gradually increased. After years of R&D and Innovation, the early only used in the military field of carbon fiber technology has now been used as a new type of reinforcement technology, has been applied to a number of engineering fields, and gradually become the mainstream of reinforcement.

Compared with the two common reinforcement techniques, viscous steel, carbon fiber cloth is soft and light, which is questionable, so thin a layer of cloth, the reinforcement structure is really reliable? Let Xinchor tells you what its advantages are:

  1. Carbon fiber material itself relatively high strength, light weight, after reinforcement construction basically does not change the size of the original structure, at the same time basically do not increase the original structure of self-weight;
  2. Carbon fiber reinforcement construction process is simple, construction period is short, high efficiency. 
  3. Carbon fiber itself has a high elastic modulus, after reinforcement of temperature cracks, rust swelling cracks and other fine deformation control effect is good. 
  4. Carbon fiber reinforcement has little damage to the original structure of concrete, almost without bolt fixation and external pressure.
  5. The use of carbon fiber reinforcement method to reinforce the construction, decorative construction without the need to deal with the interface, only in the carbon fiber sheet construction than after the process of sprinkling sand paste can be.
  6. Carbon fiber reinforced double or three layers of paste, because of its own thickness is thinner, almost no due to the increase in thickness of the shear torque effect, so the reinforcement effect is better. 
  7. Carbon fiber fabric because of its flexibility and entanglement of the material itself, the reinforcement effect of the narrow working face is unique.
  8. Carbon fiber reinforcement can reduce a lot of unnecessary human and material resources and financial resources, but also can save a lot of construction time.

Whether it is reinforced concrete structure, wood structure, steel structure, or building reinforcement, highway bridge reinforcement, carbon fiber cloth can use its own high-strength performance for the structure itself to bring unexpected reinforcement effect. Xinchor also believes that with the promotion of carbon fiber cloth in the field of engineering reinforcement, it will be more and more people know, and then play a greater role in guarding the building and life safety.